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Pop-up vintage market on Brick Lane

As one of the fashion capitals of the world, known for its bold and expressive style, the city of London is the right destination to look for fashion products and a slightly different lifestyle. It combines vintage nuances, piercings and art.

If you search directly, the museums or clothes we find can actually remind us of what we will find in the Pasar Baru, Jakarta or Tanah Abang area. The difference is that all objects are neatly arranged, arranged very artistically and in a heat-free place. Make us feel at home shopping for hours together. Even if you smell it, you can still smell it “outdated”.

And the East London area has become the most suitable area in recent years to find such fashion products. If we can be in London this weekend, we’m lucky. Especially Friday to Sunday, which is the right time to travel around East London in search of treasures, harvesting tools for independent fashion brands.

Old Spitalfield Market

Take Liverpool Street Underground Station and walk around Spitalfield. Please be happy to see the old Spitalfield Market which will remind us of the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand. The difference is that in the old hospital everything is concentrated on one level. This market is mythical as it has been at the same time for 3.5 centuries. Then you spend a lot of time looking at each interesting supplier. You can target leather goods, antique women’s clothing, accessories.

Continue your steps toward Brick Lane. The truth is that it is only a few blocks away. Tips, wear comfortable sneakers to walk. Because it will literally call to close. In this area there are antique shops and independent designers. Definitely heaven. Not to mention, these antique clothing stores have a cool and modern design. Lots of choice too. The key is to take the time to explore. You will be amazed at what you will find here. Also keep an eye out for any street art you cross as you walk from one store to another. Great to capture on Instagram.

Box Park, Shoreditch

From Bricklane, walk a little further towards Shoreditch. An area within the East London district that has also developed into a hip district in recent years. It is full of street art and cool independent shops with attractive layout. One of the most interesting is Boxpark. The world’s first pop-up shopping mall made of containers! Yes, we usually see the container in the harbor. Several rows of containers were lined up long, filled with shops, ranging from food, beauty and of course fashion. Find independent brands that we have never heard of, or just have a drink upstairs. Really another meeting place.

This phenomenon in East London is interesting. Because before, before it developed into a vibrant area with art, entertainment and fashion companies, this area was a pretty slum. Being a destination for immigrants, a place for nightlife, not even far from where the legendary murderer Jack The Ripper works. The breath of this new youth was interesting to watch and certainly more interesting to be a part of the thrill. Definitely a must already in London.

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