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Don’t forget customs

Of course, when shopping overseas, you should also pay attention to customs issues. Typically, a tax audit is conducted based on the type of goods and the amount of goods issued. One of the easiest ways is to reconsider the total price of the package being shipped. If your total purchase is less than $ 50, there will be no customs fees as the item is considered a gift and there is no additional cost. However, if the total spend is more than $ 50, the goods are usually held by customs and must be prepaid before the goods can be exchanged and taken home.

Examples of trusted international buy and sell sites

Here are some examples of overseas online shopping sites that can help you get goods at lower prices.


AliExpress is a Chinese online shopping site that ships worldwide. AliExpress is certainly a competitor to Amazon and eBay. AliExpress might be the site for those of you looking for unique items at low prices. On AliExpress itself, many sellers offer free shipping options. Not bad for cutting shipping costs, right? Of course, this has consequences for the delay in goods receipt.


This is an overseas online shopping site focused on books. The price of the book is much cheaper here than in the shops that sell international books. In addition, Book Depository also offers free shipping, so you get two benefits at the same time: low price and free shipping. Most of the books were sent from the UK, but some also came from Australia. Note that shipping can usually take up to 2 months.


The last page people already know is eBay. This site also has many shipping and payment options that you can take advantage of. In terms of credibility, of course, eBay is not to be questioned. eBay is known as a trusted international online shopping website that is widely used by people all over the world including Indonesia.

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