Shopping in London can feel like a grand plan

Not really, since Garuda Indonesia has a direct flight to Heathrow 3 days a week. With a total of 17 hours of travel, including a 2 hour stay in Singapore, London does not really feel that far.

Where would you go to start a shopping trip at the end of the year in London? With a long history of London, one of the favorite destinations with history, unique feel and custom shops, Burlington Arcade is in the Mayfairc area – one of the most expensive areas in London. Shop here to find a meeting from the past, in a modern costume.

Why the past? Due to its distinctive architectural style, the Burlington Arcade has undergone several Venetian-style columns due to a fire from 1819, until it was leveled by World War I bombs. Modern? Because of the change of ownership, the restoration of modern architects, who are now under forty leases, some of them are top brands like Manolo Blahnik, La Perla, Chanel.

If shopping malls are now the idea of ​​a favorite destination around the world, shopping malls are equivalent. Built by the Cavendish Nobility, the Burlington Arcade is 180 meters long and has two sides. Each of them is filled with selected tenants where the store is marked with a number.

Some Burlington Arcade tenants are also special, having received the status of Royal Warrant

This means that their products are recognized by the British Empire and have quality products and services that the Kingdom also likes. Call it the perfume maker Penhaligon, which is still Prince Charles’ first choice for fragrance. And their products must be so distinctive, so British and have unusual results for odor. We can smell the smell of Britain.

Several other unique brands, N.Peal, James Bond’s favorite cashmere product

which can also be found here. Or ROJA PARFUMS, which is also very famous. If your partner likes shoes, then there are churches that are known all over the UK.

Another unique feature is that Burlington Arcade is still guarded by a private security department that was originally established by the Cavendish family. This guard is always well dressed, with a long coat and a top hat. They will drive away everyone who sings, whistles, opens umbrellas and rides past the arcade. In short, here we can shop quietly and glorious. Usually English.

Our judgment? Gorgeous first class shopping mall. Seen from the list of tenants, the layout of each store is so beautiful and stylish. Don’t have a lot of money to shop for? Window shopping is not prohibited. Even stores like Penhaligon welcome every visitor and tell stories of the perfume.

Year-end shopping: Shop for your favorite perfume in London