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Paris is known as a fashion city. The boutique centers attract the attention of shoppers from all over the world. And it’s also a shoppers paradise, especially for brand dealers. Boutiques from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Celine to Chanel are easy to find here. Well, shopaholics traveling to Paris should and should go to heaven to buy branded items in Paris and of course at discounted prices. The name of the place is La Vallée Village. La Vallée Village is an area of ​​110 well-known brand name boutiques located in 3 Cous de la Garonne, 77700 Serris, France. All goods in the shopping district receive discounts between 10% and 50%. The prices in this place are also known to drop slightly due to the fairly large discount program, so many buyers are ready to line up to be able to purchase their dream item.

Branded items sold in La Valle Village can be offered at a slippery price as they are not new but are from last season. But that doesn’t mean that the quality isn’t good. The bags, shoes and accessories offered here are still in good condition. And of course shopaholics can see various branded items from local Paris and other parts of the world here. Interestingly, if you spend $ 175 or more, you can also get a tax refund.

Panorama of the village of La Vallée

La Vallée Village Factory Outlet compared to other outlets

La Vallée Village Paris is part of the very large Val D’Europe shopping center. The Val D’Europe itself is a shopping area of ​​Disneyland and Disney Resort Paris. So those who stay at Disney Resort don’t have to go far for outdoor shopping as there is Val D’Europe. The difference between outlets and shops in the Val D’Europe shopping center and the outlet in the village of La Vallée lies in the brand and the luxury. In the Val D’Europe shopping center, the content consists of middle-class branches such as Zara, Manggo, H&M, GAP, Esprit, Svarovski, Bershka and others. Stores and outlets in this mall are the same price as stores and outlets of the same brand elsewhere. La Vallée Village, located on the south side of the Val D’Europe shopping center, is made up of brands that are more luxurious in their class. In terms of price, you can find the cheapest items in the region, like a Cath Kidston bag for 6 euros and a Longchamp Le Pliage bag for 36 euros. Truly below boutique prices in Paris! For other bag brands, the cheapest are still more than 100 euros, but above 300 euros from the original prices.

La Vallée village area

A black gate greets visitors to this shopping district. Inscription from La Valle Village with floral decoration on the top of the gate. Several security guards were standing at the gate. Every visitor who comes first is inspected with a metal detector before entering. When you finally step into the village of La Valle Village, the view of colorful shops of different brands is right before your eyes. To make shopping events more effective, you can take the card with you in the information area. On the map you can see the names of the brands in La Valle Village and where their stores are located. What makes it unique is that this mall is designed nationwide. The shops are lined with houses with vintage designs. The colors are also completely pastel. The brands of the brand are in front of the shop.

La Vallée Village Paris Brands

The brands that open their boutiques in La Valle Village are very diverse. Burberry, Gucci, Marni, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Celine, Givenchy, and Versace are a number of high-end brand names that have opened boutiques in this factory outlet, offering their products at discounted prices. Other brands that also offer attractive discounts are Michael Kors, Longchamp, Guess and Ralph Lauren. For Michael Kors bags, for example, the discount is between 250 and 159 euros. While the Longchamp Bag is reduced from 230 euros to 150 euros.

Why can the price of goods in La Vallée Village be cheap?

How were the items so cheap in each village? With such an outlet concept in place in Europe, it gives many brands the opportunity to better organize their inventory. In the past, some high-end brands were more willing to burn off the excess supply than let their products carelessly sell on the street. It should be noted or remembered that the products sold for each village are only from a season ago and again.

And La Vallée Village is the prima donna because the price can be 30-50 percent cheaper than in Paris. This factory outlet can give a big discount because the tax is cheaper in this place. In addition, it can be offered at a sloping price as some items are not new, but from last season. But the quality is still the best.

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