All About Gothic Boots

Gothic Steampunk is a sub-genre of Steampunk that combines elements of Victorian Gothic with Steampunk. In contrast to Steampunk, Victorian Gothic tends to be darker and more religious, while Victorian Gothic is more science fiction and technological. Hair dyeing, dark apparel, and eyeliner in the form of lipstick and eyeliner are typical gothic fashion elements. Most gothic boots are black in color, hefty, and include buckles and other gothic decorations such as crosses dangling from the tops of their heels. You will find a wide range of gothic boots at

Various types of gothic boots

A variety is available, based on your inclination. There are Dr. Martens, for example, that are worn by several celebrities, such as Rihanna, Halsey, Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom, and Hayley Williams. Dr. Martens are available in a variety of colors and widths. They are of the highest quality and include both leather and vegan

La Vallée Village Paris, a paradise for shopping branded goods at a cheaper price (1)

Bon plan : La Vallée Village, « l'outlet » proche de Paris | VL Média

Paris is known as a fashion city. The boutique centers attract the attention of shoppers from all over the world. And it’s also a shoppers paradise, especially for brand dealers. Boutiques from luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Celine to Chanel are easy to find here. Well, shopaholics traveling to Paris should and should go to heaven to buy branded items in Paris and of course at discounted prices. The name of the place is La Vallée Village. La Vallée Village is an area of ​​110 well-known brand name boutiques located in 3 Cous de la Garonne, 77700 Serris, France. All goods in the shopping district receive discounts between 10% and 50%. The prices in this place are also known to drop slightly due to the fairly large discount program, so many buyers are ready to line up to be able to purchase their dream item.

Branded items sold in …

La Vallée Village Paris, a paradise for shopping branded goods at cheaper prices (2)

Shopping à La Vallée Village au départ de Paris - Office de tourisme de  Paris

Best time to visit La Vallée Village Outlet

The best time to visit the La Vallée Village Outlet is during the sales season. Sales months in France are January to early February and July to early August. During this sales season, items priced below the standard will be discounted by up to 70%. Sounds crazy ..?

How interested is shopping in La Valle Village while visiting France? Don’t come on the weekend, as the agent says there are so many visitors at that time and there can be queues when paying. Also, if you come in spring, keep warm clothes as the temperature still feels cold around 10-12 degrees.

Shopping tips at La Vallée Village Outlet Paris

  • It is important to know what items and brands are sold in these boutiques. There are 110 boutiques of famous brands. There is fashion, accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes, home accessories.
  • First, do you