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Online shopping is always the best way to get cheap items of the same quality. There are many ecommerce websites in Indonesia right now for you to shop online. Unfortunately, sometimes there are items that are not available in Indonesia. Now you can go to international online sites and shop there. Indeed, the many choices on foreign websites are often tempting to shop, especially with the prices of the products which can sometimes be cheaper than those on local websites.

Unfortunately, shopping online from overseas is indeed riskier as we cannot simply take action if there are problems with delivery or arrears. This can actually be resolved with several proactive steps, e.g. B. Shopping only on trusted international buy and sell sites and other steps. View the full list of:

Research trusted international buy and sell sites

It cannot be denied that online purchases from trusted international buy and sell sites are the most important key. In most cases, websites like this represent their customers’ successful shopping process. Don’t rule out the prices are cheaper than on other websites.

To find a trusted international buy and sell site like this one, look for reviews from previous customers. If you’re struggling, you can check local blogs and forums on the internet for Indonesian language reviews. Usually, you can immediately tell if the shopping page you are trying to use has any negative reports.

Pay close attention to the fact that the entire customer payment process is secure and that the goods shipped can arrive on time. Usually such forums are covered in detail.

Be thorough with postage stamps

Obviously, the biggest obstacle to shopping online from abroad is the problem of distance. The distance between seller and buyer makes the shipping costs even more expensive. Cheap goods therefore make no sense if the shipping costs are expensive. Pay close attention to shipping costs and shipping options. Usually, every shopping page doesn’t just offer one shipping option. Review each option individually to compare prices and services. You can also invite a friend to shop on the same website to save on shipping. Therefore, to save even more, it is a good idea to look for overseas online shopping sites that can be shipped to Indonesia for free.

Identify the payment methods offered

Of course, when you shop online from local and international websites, there are different payment options available. One of them is paying by credit or debit card. Of course, you will still be asked for your credit card information on every website. However, be aware that there are risks involved in shopping online.

To minimize this, try checking the site url. Typically, a good site should start with “https: //” to indicate that the site is secure. The letter S in https means that there is a security layer system protecting the site which is commonly referred to as SSL / Secured Socket Layer.

You should also check the site’s security label. For example, on Chinese online shopping sites, it comes with an ICP license number, which is usually located at the bottom of the main page of Chinese online shopping sites.

Also pay attention to payment services via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Paying through such services can help protect the payment process on these shopping sites.

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